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Generator Installation and Service

St. Johns Generator Installation

Our Electricians Keep St. Johns Comfortable When the Lights Go Out

It’s not a question of if the power will go out, it’s when. And, for many homeowners in St. Johns, a blackout is a major inconvenience. It not only means no TV but also no heating or air conditioning. A small percentage of people, however, might not even notice. This is because they have a standby generator and all the convenience that one provides. If you’re ready to get that same peace of mind, contact Chasco at (989) 224-3034 to schedule generator repair or installation.

Learn more about generator service in St. Johns. Reach out to us at (989) 224-3034 to schedule an appointment.

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

A standby generator knows when the power is cut to your house and automatically starts up to restore electrical power to your home, even if you're away. This entire process takes less than a minute. Through electrical storms, brownouts, and blackouts, our St. Johns generator installation experts will back you up!

A standby generator—as opposed to a portable one—is designed to completely replace the power grid. Instead of powering one or two key appliances, you get to live life as normal. Once power is restored, a modern unit will return to its dormant state. If you have an older generator, the switchover might have to be done manually.

The Benefits of a Backup Generator

Could you and your family handle five or six days without having the lights on? How long would it take before your home became a place you could no longer stay? Beyond simple convenience, backup generators offer a number of benefits to homeowners in the St. Johns area.

Just imagine a future where you never have to worry about:

  • Packing up your family in the middle of the night to go stay at a family member or friend's house.
  • Needing to replace hundreds of dollars' worth of food and drinks and dealing with the mess of a thawed-out freezer.
  • The potential damage the loss of power can do to your home..
  • Scaring away potential homebuyers that have standby generators at the top of their shopping list.
  • Having to worry about those members of your family who are reliant on electrically powered medical devices and equipment.
That's the peace of mind that installing a standby generator in St. Johns can give you.

Let Us Ease Your Worries with a New Generator Installation

Though putting in a standby generator isn’t cheap, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our expert electricians do everything they can to take the headache out of the generator installation process in St. Johns. Over the years, we’ve boiled the process down to three easy steps:

  1. Give Chasco Plumbing & Heating LLC a Call
    Our electrical contracting company provides FREE estimates on standby generator installation in DeWitt and beyond. While there, our electrician will help you select a system that fits your home and your budget.
  2. Set a Date for Installation
    Power outages can strike at any time. That’s why we do our best to schedule all backup generator quotes within a reasonable time frame. Rest assured, once you pull the trigger, getting your new generator installed will be a breeze. We’ll take care of everything from gas hookup to permitting, inspection, and start-up.
  3. Call Us for Needed Support
    Whether you have a question about using your generator or accessing a certain setting, our team of electrical experts are here for you. We’ll not only repair the unit but also can provide all necessary maintenance as well. Just reach out to us at (989) 224-3034 to take advantage of our stellar service.

Replace Your Old Generator with a New One from Chasco

Good generators last a while, but there comes a time when every one will need to be replaced. If your generator in St. Johns has trouble starting or costs a fortune in fuel, it might be time to get a quote on generator replacement. Rest assured that our electrician will recommend a system that fits your family and your budget. All models we offer are energy efficient and equipped with a number of special features. For more information on the generator brands and units we install in St. Johns reach out to us by calling (989) 224-3034.

Our Electricians are Equipped to Handle Generator Repair

If your current generator is acting up, our St. Johns electricians are here to help. Whether the issue is small—like a loose wire—or something larger, you can count on the staff at Chasco to quickly pinpoint the cause. Our fully stocked trucks allow us to handle most generator repair calls in just one visit. To get scheduled, fill out our form or give (989) 224-3034 a ring. We look forward to giving you renewed peace of mind.

Trust Our Whole-House Generator Experts to Keep Your Lights on in St. Johns

Chasco is a full-service electrical contractor that’s equipped to handle even the most complicated generator service. We’ve been serving the St. Johns area for 52 years and are grateful for the opportunities this area has provided. When it comes to helping people you fix your electrical issues in St. Johns, we take pride in our ability to provide competitive solutions. Every member of our staff is knowledgeable about the services we provide and equipped to tackle almost any generator issue.

To schedule your generator replacement or repair, call us at (989) 224-3034. We look forward to counting yours among our happy reviews.

Whole-Home Generator FAQs

How Loud is a Whole House Standby Generator?

While older generators are deafening, new ones run at around 60 decibels. This is the equivalent to the sound of a conversation a few yards away. A typical AC unit, meanwhile, operates at a similar level. So, even if the new generator sits right outside your window, it won’t take long for it to fade to background noise.

To ensure it's there when you need it, you'll need to schedule regular generator service in Generator Installation and Service. During the appointment, our electrician will examine the unit for broken parts, switch out any bad filters, and change the oil in the machine.

Though the cost varies based on home size and the amount of power desired, the average homeowner will pay somewhere between $5000 and $25000 for a professionally installed generator. Much of the cost variation is due to the wide variety of generators available. Portable and temporary units, which can be purchased for around $300, are much more affordable but can only power a few devices at a time. In general, the more you pay, the closer you can be to normal during a power outage.

The cost depends on the price of natural gas or propane. During standby mode, an average sized unit will cost around $5 a month to run. While in use, that cost shoots up to between $20 and $30 per day. Though this may seem like a lot, it's way cheaper than a fridge full of wasted groceries or a night at a good hotel.